Automatic Docs

Generating API documentation is simple with symmetric. Just run the following command:

symmetric docs <module>

This will automagically generate a json file documenting the API with an OpenAPI specification. Seems too simple to be true, right? Go ahead, try it yourself! Also, don’t be afraid of using type annotations… The annotations will be documented too! They will restrict the parameter types within the OpenAPI generated json!

You can also generate a more simple and human-readable documentation file with the -m or the --markdown flag.

symmetric docs <module> --markdown

This will also automagically generate a markdown file documenting each endpoint with the function docstring, required arguments and more data about that endpoint.

You can also specify the name of the documentation file (defaults to openapi.json for the default documentation and to for the markdown documentation) using the -f or the --filename flag.

ReDoc Documentation

By default, you can GET the /docs endpoint (using a browser) to access the interactive auto-generated documentation about your API. It will include request bodies for each endpoint, response codes, authentication required, default values, and much more!

Tip: Given that the ReDoc Documentation is based on the OpenAPI standard, using type annotations in your code will result in a more detailed interactive documentation. Instead of the parameters being allowed to be any type, they will be forced into the type declared in your code. Cool, right?